I Can't Find My Cape

by Cantor Dust



released January 1, 2015

Cantor Dust: Mark Klassen, Jeff Konwalchuk
Choir: Emma Hay, Josh Bright, Justin van Damme, Matt Ferber, Naomi Audia, Paolo Riva, Samantha Booth, Scott Reid, Signe Knutson, Anne Marie Willot, Natanielle Felicitas
Additional Vocals: Natanielle Felicitas, Ashley Jonasson
Cello: Natanielle Felicitas
Artwork: Dave Twigg



all rights reserved


Cantor Dust Winnipeg, Manitoba

Loops & arpeggiators dance with blues-piano beat-boxing synth-cabaret. Storytelling comedies & tragedies bring the audience into worlds born from imaginations of fairy-tale atmospheres carrying sung tales taller than a dozen giraffes standing on each other.

Cantor Dust is Mark Klassen, Jeff Konwalchuk, Ashley Jonassen, and Justin van Damme.
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Track Name: Blackened Circles
Blackened circles crept up from the ground,
nobody saw them coming
Radiating out without a sound
It was black and cold and cunning
Took half of the city by surprise
Yeah nobody saw it coming
Emanating terror from its eyes
Nobody saw it....

Reaching up and grabbing from behind
Enslaving all of the peoples' minds
Taking half of the city by surprise
Emanating terror from its eyes
“I guess we gotta call the only guy we know
I hope the motherfucker shows
or else I don't know where we'll go”

When he heard the call, his back was slumped against the wall
A bottle in his hand, sworn to preserve the safety of his land
He tried to stand a second time he tried to stand
And crawled on the ground...
Track Name: Dedicated Saviour
We used it all
His patience, his kindness, his ability to fly
and to save us all
He was a boy of no boundaries, we'd thought
until we'd gone and we'd crossed them all.
Now there's molten fire flying from the sky and
it's gonna fry us all
Where is our dedicated saviour?
Our dedicated saviour...
Track Name: I Can't Find My Cape
I can't find my cape. Don't know where it stayed
Don't know how I'm supposed to save the city
I'm a disgrace
I can't find my cape. It's keeping me awake
Don't know how I'm supposed to save myself
I'm a disgrace

I can't find my cape. No it's keepin me awake
And I'm gonna admit to you that
I'm afraid
You see I'm terrified of the afterlife.
Are god and the devil gonna wrestle for my soul?
I apologize that we're all gonna die
I couldn't find my cape to save my life
Track Name: Potion
I can remember so many days just like the last
Structures of our civilization still in tact
The imminent fear of death en masse had yet to become a matter of fact
Memories of sitting round and getting high
Coarse across my mind and I remember how we'd always fantasized
We'd rather fancied seeing ourselves as we'd survived
Imaginary catastrophes would never scathe our precious lives
To apocalyptic topics we'd succeeded to desensitize our minds
Somehow we'd gotten in our heads that we'd be some sort of exception
When some kind of mass destruction served its unholy function
As though the wasteland of the aftermath would somehow house its dreamy masses
waiting gleefully for everybody to start back from their scratches

Turns out most of us were wrong....
Empty world around me makes me try and find a way to move along

Let us pretend for a moment, that I'm brave and not afraid to die
I'll lock my lips with death and I will look her in the eye
Craft me up a potion that will help me take advantage of this sudden gallantry
Have it augment my body in ways of which I could not dream

I need wings. Lasers shooting from my fingertips. Move through time, control minds
Appear invisible to everyone that I meet, shooting rockets from my feet

I recognize that in these times you may not have what you require to make me what I'd like
If that's the case then craft me something that will take away my fright.

All my life I have never shown courage in the face of the unknown
So if I'm to do this without any drugs, you can be sure everything is fucked.
(Every inch of my whole body is quaking with fear.  How did I end up being one of the last people here?
How did I survive so unqualified through all those times.
Through all that destruction
Was it just luck? Then everything's fucked)
Track Name: Soup Loving Man
Silently everyone watched the sky, wondering if their waiting eyes would find
some sort of light
Typically in troubled times like these, the hero's light would never miss a beat
and never miss a fight

The saviour on whom people used to depend, now at the very real end
was nowhere in sight
The sky above seem to stay blacker than hell, but the people stared all the while
bathed in fright

For once they were on their own, their best chance of survival let them down
They sent a desperate call out to all the other heroes around

What about Hydrophobic Man? He could drive the water from the ground
What about Soft Man? Last seen in the arms of Laser Girl
What about Spice Man? He could keep these demons from out heels
What about Christ Man? Might be time he died for something real
What about Soup Loving Man? Where is Lava Man?

Paranoid Man's door is always latched. Marionette Man's got strings attached
Where is Carpentress Woman and the Duck-Billed Five?
Are the Bee-Stung-Lipped Seven in their Secret Hive?
Surely Jet Pack Lady must know of our plight.
Why can't the Flying Sharkmen use their gift of flight?
Is Built-In Flashlight Boy still in the dark?
Is Seldom-Awake Boy still have narcolepsy?

Are we crazy to expect a saviour?
The power of my neighbour pales against a Hero
I fear my safety now... if I can't find Soup Loving Man
Track Name: Hydrophobic Man
“You gotta help us Hydrophobic Man” screamed the terrified mass of people fleeing the land
“Our city and our lovers have been torn to shreds, now we're running for our lives with all the strength that we have”
As though with a wind down from heaven he sailed through the sky
Drawing ever closer to the tortured cries
He saw the expanses of earth that he'd known his whole life
Unrecognizable and about to die.
And when he finally reached the people that'd screamed his name
He saw that the ground all around them was crawling in the same sort of sickening way
in which it'd crawled right before embedding half the world with relentless pain.

Hooray Hydrophobic Man
If he can't do it, no one can!

“Reach up high, grab on to me. I am here to set you free.
I'll take you safely through the air, and we can find somewhere safe”
And they began to leave behind six hundred million hateful watching eyes
The blackness began to ascend and to the hero's dread
It's tendrils pulled the mask from atop the Hydrophobe's head
Exposing him for who he really is.

Corrosive darkness returned to the ground
A dozen rescued people found themselves airborne in some kind of
levitating charm.
The hero's eyes watched the threat recede.
While a dozen people stared at him, his face no longer shrouded in mystery.

The beating of his heart increased in syncopation with his fright
Fight or Flight? Was this it?
His identity had lost all its intrigue
And all those he'd released could not fail to see
His real eyes...
And all of their lies....

And in a panic
In an instant
It'd happened in the span of a breath
All of the people that he had rescued
Had fallen straight to their death
Why oh why Hydrophobic Man?
Why oh why Hydrophobic Man?
Track Name: Somewhere Safe
She told me dying felt just like an aphrodisiac
Whispered soft kisses on her paling neck
And as she slipped into a sleep thick as the clouds above
She told me dying had been teaching her the language of love

Not all that long ago she said
“Baby we've got to go so far away from here.
We can find another place just as nice but twice as safe from harm.
Baby we're so tired. Our souls and our bodies are so tired
But at least we're still alive for now.
This time I think, my lover, just walk away this time.”

“Come on little darling. We've saved them from this mess
So many times before now.
Come on little darling, this time let's just save ourselves.”

I could not say yes.
I had to clean up my own mess
people died because of my carelessness.
Track Name: Drowning of a New Era
Something's lost on me
Why do lies feel so free?
People died because of me.
Why do I feel so free?

Now the world's on to me.
I tried to hide my identity.
People died because of me.
Why do I feel so free?

Dear love I don't know whether to stay.
Dear love I don't know where to go.
Track Name: Vacant Absolution Man
If Ever I had needed faith
something to keep my conscious safe
now's that time.
They told me Jesus would ascend the soul
Fire carry the tobacco smoke
Up to god

Who'll absolve me of my sin?
Who'll lead me to die and start again
as a child of the Light?
If you will please recondition my heart
I will tell the world how great thou art
You have my last words

In whom can I quickly believe?
From whom the punishment I receive
Will reflect my piety
I know I've probably been blind
To all those who've been giving signs
I need something now.

I know that I must reap what I've sown
But it truly petrifies me, the thought alone
That some style of afterlife falls after my time has come and gone.
Years have passed with crimes of the mind left unchecked.
All of the while, up until now, up until now.
In my imagination, the actualization of death
Had always come as a sort of blackness
And very little more
Than a lack of perception.

Before this storm has passed
Bringing me to death
I must ensure that my sins are in check
Ghosts in the afterlife stories
I'd thought illusory
Might just be as real
As people all seem to feel

I was never taught to forgive myself
So I'm begging now for something else
Outside of me, in which I'll try to believe
From whom forgiveness I'll finally receive.

Absolve Me
Give me Resolution
Absolve Me
I'll Pray.
I'll Pray.
Track Name: Council
Let's say we try and save you all
Convince this fire not to fall
Return the darkness to its home,
Would you feel less alone
The next time your dying days arrive?

Let's take a look at where we're at
None of you've learned anything from the past
You hide inside all day from the light
drug yourselves to sleep at night
Do you think you're doing well?

You still believe in antiquated gods
damn those who disagree to hell
Do you think you're doing well?

Oh we empathize. You must be terrified
You have just realized that you're about to die.
About to die
We need you to understand
Why we've chosen not to lend a hand
Track Name: This Machine
You have elevated us to be just like gods.
You have made yourselves our children.
Where did we as parents fail?
We are also frightened
That you might give us grandchildren.
No! No! Cut it off.... cut it off..
This machine you made must stop.
This machine you made must stop.
Track Name: I'm Already Dead
No my friends, my time must end.
The lights from the fires in the sky
have made me close my eyes
I'm afraid that I couldn't find
you even if I tried

My mind's haze grows
Thicker as the shadows flow
Across my withering skin
As my carcass waits for me to give in
I accept that we didn't win.
This is my final sin.

I'm already Dead.

I'm surprised we lasted so long,
so wrong.
Didn't we evolve to become
something unfamiliar and frightening?
So unfamiliar and frightening.
Track Name: Nothing Happens
He turned around
And he found
All this time, his hero's cape was wrapped around his neck.

He thought aloud,
wrapped in his shroud,
That he was no more safe from harm than the rest of this dying crowd

The surface of the earth had become
Blacker than the missing sun
And soon the sky melted from his eyes
And he knew that the end of it all
Was nigh.

When from on high
From above the dissolving sky
A voice entered his mind
It said “Fear not my child!
Wipe that terror from your mind
Nothing happens to you once you die